Hello world!

I’m new to this blogging game and don’t intend on making a huge habit of it.  I will be aiming for one post a week.  But I am a realist, so I guess what that means is don’t be surprised when I fail in this objective.  The two areas where I feel opinionated enough to write down my rants and express myself are quite disparate: Motorcycling and Computing. 

I’ve read that one of the key elements to a successful blog is to introduce yourself to your audience.  I’m using my first post to do just that!  My name is Andrew Napier, I live in Queensland, Australia and I am a computer programmer / nerd / motorcyclist (not always in that order).

As I’d like to include a picture in my first ever post, and me typing away on my laptop is not exactly enthralling, I will leave you with a shot of me and my wife on my current motorcycle, a Honda VFR 800.

The bike a mere 24hrs after purchase!