Gee! Thanks for the compliments!

The complimentary spam-bots are winning. A university lecturer once described computers as being high-speed idiots. It is an accurate assessment: they are many orders of magnitude faster than humans and yet lack basic intelligence. As such, it should come as no surprise that spam generators are quite pervasive in pushing out their content. WordPress blogs seem to be a favourite target.

In terms of blog content and readership, I fully appreciate that I’m just a tiny drop in a large sea of opinionated writers. Some of my posts attract attention on forums, but seldom do people find the need to comment on the post itself. This is frustrating, as I want a blog post to promote discussion and attract opposing opinions. I write to stimulate a conversation that I hope to learn from. Still, I am happy that people have taken the time to read any post I have written.

I moderate the comments that appear on the posts I write. I will not filter any comment – as long as it adds something to the discussion. Being a “tiny-drop” blogger means I can afford the luxury of moderating comments – I don’t have 100,000 readers all vying to make their viewpoint known. Spam-bots are now taking a “complimentary” approach to getting their content published. I have lost track of the number of comments along the lines of “Nice post – I really enjoy your content”. Yeah – good try… If you have a WordPress blog and you get comments like this, I’ve got news for you, and I will tell you slowly: They… are… spam! Try a search for the exact comment and see how many hits you get.

So the signal to noise ratio is appallingly bad. Less than 1% of all the comments this blog has received are genuine and thought provoked. The only worthwhile function these spam comments serve is to alert me to articles that have been linked from external sites. There is a definite trend that externally linked articles attract more spam.

Now that I have finished whinging, I’ll get to the point of the article… If anyone knows of a good WordPress plug-in, or code that reduces the likelihood of spam comments, please feel free to leave me a comment!