I swear it’s true!

Blogging is not journalism.  Sometimes blogs are well researched articles absolutely worthy of a status of journalism and sometimes news articles are not. Other times blogs are little more than opinion pieces, the author’s own soap-box on the web.  Either way, writing allows for some extra degree of thought and contemplation not necessarily afforded to verbal communication.

I swear when I talk.  Maybe not as often as some, but more often than I intend to.  I think of swearing as an admission of failure.  I have some emotional reaction to something that causes an outburst, and my lack of eloquence prevents me from expressing myself without resorting to being a potty-mouth.  The only effective means I have of curtailing swear words is to pretend there are children present.  Introducing children to the common use of bad language somehow seems quite unacceptable.  I put this down to both my parents being school teachers, from a generation where bad language would at least receive the threat of having one’s mouth washed out with soap, even if I never saw the punishment executed.

As writing affords the author some degree of contemplation prior to putting pen to paper (text to screen?) I simply find it unacceptable to see swear words in blog text. Adding swear words can absolutely ruin a good post. If this is the only way you know to get your point across, then yours is not a point I need to know!