Don’t take my word for it!

Let’s get one thing straight.  I am a computer programmer.  It’s what I do for a profession.  I am not a motorcycle mechanic, nor am I a motorcycle instructor.  My comments on motorcycling, and any mechanical advice should be taken as “just someone else’s opinion”. 

If you choose to follow my advice, you do so at your own risk! 

It is your responsibility to seek out the proper opinion of professionals.  By reading my blog, you agree to indemnify me from any civil or legal action arising from any damage to you, your belongings or any third party.

One thought on “Don’t take my word for it!”

  1. You might not be a motorcycle mechanic but your having ago and self educating.
    First step to understanding anything is pulling it apart and see how it works.
    Minor detail when you have bits left over after the operation, teaches you to pay more attention to detail next time. Of course I don’t reccomend expensive things as your first test subject.
    Stick with cheap or someone else’s.:-)

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