Best use for Internet – EVER!

Okay I admit it.  It’s probably not the best use of the Internet ever created, but it is a web-site that does do what the Internet does best.  What the Internet does best, is join together geographically displaced people with a common interest.  In this case, motorcyclists.  (Now can you see why I’m a little enthused?)  There are plenty of motorcycle forums “out there on the web” catering for all different types of motorcyclist.  The web site I am talking about has a forum too.  But where this web site differs from other web sites is its primary focus.  The site is and according to its banner, it “helps motorcyclists discover the best places to ride”. 

Members can sign in and create routes to share with other motorcycling enthusiasts.  Anyone (i.e including non-members) are free to browse these routes and print off the “cue sheet” to take with them on their next ride.  The routes are displayed overlaying Google maps and can include a running commentary on what to expect or where to stop or things to enjoy along the way.  I still stand by my comments I made regarding the accuracy and level of details of Google maps, but I applaud the web site creator(s) for their simple (and simply brilliant) idea.  (I suspect they chose Google maps as you can drive them free of charge! – Whether that bothers Google or not, I haven’t bothered to find out…)  At any rate, I can’t blame them!

As with all “community content” web-sites, there’s no promises for accuracy and the level of detail differs from route to route.  Still, with any luck the next sunny day off you get, you won’t be stuck for a choice of new roads to explore.  Have fun out there and ride safe…

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