And then there were two…

Earlier, I discussed my New Year’s Resolution to do a track day.  Due to the limited number of racetracks in the area, my only real choice is what I should ride at a track day.  I had three choices: hire a bike, ride my VFR or get a dedicated track-bike. 

Not long after making this resolution, completely unprompted, my friend offered me back my old race bike.  It was a 1991 model Suzuki RGV 250.  I had given it to him when I had gone overseas.  He had planned on making a “super-mono” track bike out of it – replacing the motor with a four stroke single cylinder dirt-bike engine.  When I gave it to him, the bike was showing some serious signs of neglect.  Most rubber parts on the bike had perished from sitting in a hot tin shed for years.  The frame and subframe were not straight.  I had raced and crashed the bike several times – so this was hardly a surprise.  Generally, the bike was run-down.  When I gave the bike to him, it hadn’t turned a wheel in anger in around six years.

Well, now that I have got it back, it has not turned a wheel in anger in ten years!  The intervening years were no more kind to it than the previous ones.

Things (such as the clutch lever) have broken or gone missing

Broken clutch

Fairing damage


Steel bits have rusted…

Rusty chain


Fluids have leaked and oh… the battery has gone flat.

Hardly inspirational

I was briefly tempted to sell it for the price of a handshake, but decided to rise to the challenge of restoring it.    Somewhat simplifying the task is that it will never be a road-bike ever again.  I never owned any of the road-gear for it, and riding a peaky 250 screamer on the roads is not my idea of fun.

Before spending a vast amount of time and money (both of which are in short supply for me) I hooked up the battery from the VFR and with a bit of prep work managed to fire it back into life.   That is all the encouragement I need to start the project!

 Given the fact that I will now spend a reasonable amount on the bike will subsequently rule out the option of hiring a bike to ride at the track day.  So, that leaves me with two options…  Right about now, I reckon the VFR is fearful of its chances of ending up on the track.

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